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If you’ve known me for any time at all, you know that my firm belief is that everything we do begins in the mind. Hey, that isn’t me just making stuff up, it happens to be the way our universe works. All things begin as thought before they materialize here in what we call reality (whatever that really means).

So before we move on to what it takes to literally set up a blog, let’s do a brief review of what to do before you start a blog. These are things I have already covered. If there’s something you’ve missed along the way or something you want to re-read, here’s a basic outline of the topics I’ve covered and where the posts can be quickly located. If you’re already familiar with the process and are up to speed, just jump down below the quote in yellow. :)

What We’ve Covered So Far

Setting Up Your Business

  • What are your dreams, your passions?
    • Realize you may not have the support of very important people in your life. How will you deal with this reality?
    • After you decide that you really want to start your business, you go through the formalities, but then some doubts set in (which is perfectly normal). Is there really a market for what you want to do? What about competition?
  • What is your “Why” or your motivation? What will drive you to get up and get going each day? What is your purpose for starting your business (and staying through the good times and the tough times)? Click the link to find out mine.
  • The ins and outs of naming your business. Your business name won’t be carved in stone but should be very personal and motivate you to work on your business each day. It should be something you truly identify with. While determining your business name, it should be the very start of the branding process.
  • Just what is branding? Here’s my opinion of what the branding process is.
  • Mission statements aren’t just for big corporations. A mission statement reminds you and tells your clients or customers what your business is truly all about and why they should do business with you. Artists have artist statements.

Other Things to Consider

  • In order to stay on top of things, you need to be very organized. Most people just starting out cannot afford a personal or virtual assistant so they have to keep on track on their own. Here are two tools for you to consider. Each application is very popular for keeping both your personal and your business life manageable so that you don’t get overwhelmed.


  • At some point, you will encounter fear. Depending on your background, emotional makeup, and life’s experiences, the fear will either be expected and quickly dealt with or it could stop you from even taking one step towards your goals and dreams. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you!


  • You have to realize that being in business has risks. One of those risks is having your blog be attacked by bots and hackers. The online world puts you in the public eye so that you can earn a good income but by being visible, you can also be a target. Here’s just one example and solution that I experienced.



Now that we’re all caught up, it’s time to move forward.

“Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards your dreams. Walk your talk. Dance and sing to your music. Embrace your blessings. Make today worth remembering.” ― Steve Maraboli

Popular Types of Blogs – Which is Right for You?

We’ve already gone through what your passions are and what your “why” is, so let’s take it from there. Each and every one of us has learned something about a particular subject. Now, list what you have experienced in your life and what you know quite a bit about. From this list, pick your most passionate subjects. Do you feel others would like to know more about this subject? Is it something you talk to your family and friends about? Do you discuss it on social media like Facebook? Do you feel you could teach others about it?

There are several types of bloggers. Maybe you can recognize which one you want to be, which one is a natural fit.

  • Technology Blogger or Tech Blogger: These types of bloggers are right on top of the very latest technology, gadgets, software, platforms and other tools. They are way ahead of the average online techy reader. They often have reviews of these tools and gadgets that aren’t available to the average tech lover yet. They like to use industry jargon that goes above the heads of most of us.


  • Fashion Blogger: Fashion bloggers like to give tips and ideas about fashion, accessories, trends in various markets, discuss and review celebrity fashion choices, and everything in between including shoes, boots, belts, fabrics, designers and so on.


  • Food Blogger: These blogs are usually created by “foodies,” or a gourmet, a person who has a distinct passion for food and alcoholic beverages. It’s more lake a hobby rather than a passion for food to survive. Some though may focus an a well-defined niche like deserts, cookies, bread baking, low-calorie, low-fat, all natural and healthy and so on.


  • Fitness Blogger: These blogs are usually by personal trainers, body-builders, or work-out enthusiasts. The like to write about fitness-routines, diets, work-out gear and equipment, and physical health issues and supplements.


  • Network Marketer and MLM Blogger: These bloggers like to blog about their business, their offers, and their home-based business opportunities. They often also provide coaching opportunities. They also blog about social media and marketing techniques.


  • Travel Blogger: The travel blogger often combines great images of their travel adventures. They love to blog about travel tips, their various discounted travel packages, best places to stay, an what to do for fun in any given city.


  • Photography Blogger: Most photography blogs are about photography tips and tricks and various types of equipment like cameras, lenses, tripods, light meters, styles, techniques, and creative aspects. Their are various niches within this type blog.

Maybe one of these suits you better. There should be something here that you resonate with:

DIY & Crafts
Film, Music & Books
Food & Drink
Cartoons, Humor
Home Décor
Men’s Fashion
Street Style

Choose your niche then select about 5 examples of blogs that you feel are a good representation of what you want to do with your blog. No, we will not plagiarize or “copy and paste” other people’s content, we will use their sites as something to strive for. We will use them for inspirational purposes.

Be a Realistic Newbie Blogger

I’m not one for trying to tone down another person’s enthusiasm for starting a business and wanting to create their own blog, but if you have been researching online about how to blog and how to make a full-time income by blogging, you may come across some fantastic stories (some true, some mostly true, and some that are completely fake). I just want to remind you to have realistic expectations about what a blogger’s life will be like.

In order to set realistic expectations, my next blog post will assist you with your next step in the process before we get your blog set up. Until then, you have plenty of things to occupy your mind. Take the time to do these “pre-blogging” steps and you will not regret it later!

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Preparation is the very foundation to success. Your niche and your blog will be the very center of your universe so-to-speak. It’s going to be the very hub of your career center. Take your time, do it the right way, plan for success.

“Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it. The victorious performance itself is merely the demonstration of their championship character.” ― Alan Armstrong

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