What do you think of the new album from Australian artist, the Avalanches?

Australian artist the Avalarchs is no stranger to making a splash with their music.They have previously released a string of critically acclaimed albums and made a name for themselves as a hard rock band.Now, they are back with a brand new album, which features the band’s two previous albums, The Avalanches: Live at the Fillmore […]

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Famous modern artists like Barenaked Ladies, Barenaking Joe, Lady Gaga and Maren Morris on top of the Billboard Hot 100 list

Famous modern artist like Berenaked Ladies and Lady Gaga are among the artists that have been on the Billboard 200 chart since 2000.Barenaky Joe was also one of the top 50 singles of that year, and the British pop star recently confirmed that she will be releasing a new album.Barenaked Lady is one of those […]

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The Untold Story of the Batsuit, the Costume and the Original Costume: A Journey Through the Evolution of the Bat Suit

In the late 1970s, a few people at Warner Bros. were working on the bat suit.One of those people was James L. Brooks, the director of The Untameables, the iconic 1980s superhero flick that introduced us to Batman and Robin.His vision was to build a bat suit that would look more like a suit of […]

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How to get the latest movie, TV show and game reviews in the latest version of Google Reader

A recent change to Google Reader has made it much easier for people to find out what’s being covered by a specific title or author.The news aggregator now uses the same search engine for all news articles in the app.As of this writing, the changes were only visible in the Google Reader news app.The company […]

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