About Deborah A. Ten Brink


Welcome to my world of art and creativity.

Ever since I was a child, the world has fascinated me. The diversity of life, the sights, scents, and sounds.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”  – Albert Einstein

When I am out in nature, working on a project, I feel inner peace, wonder, and awe. You never know what the lighting will be or where you will find your next subject. It’s exhilarating and relaxing at the same time.

Come along with me on my journey as an artist and photographer. Hopefully, you will rediscover your child-like wonder along the way.

Today, I am living my dream. I live in a beautiful community in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. I am married, have children and grandchildren. Living in the valley surrounded by mountains, wildlife, and clear starry night skies, it sometimes feels like a dream. Each day I have to pinch myself to see if it is all just a dream.

I’m originally from the mid-west, a small agricultural community called Vicksburg Michigan. I enjoyed growing up in farm country with small-town charm. My parents were both artists in their own way so, as an only child, it was a natural fit for me. My Father was a highly-respected automobile painter (it runs in the family; auto-body painting, body work and detailing). Early on in his career, he used to work for Checker Motors and painted the well-recognized yellow Checker Cabs.

My Mother loved to sketch and do ink drawings. She was an accountant for a day job, but she loved being creative at home. She enjoyed designing a garden and planting flowers in the spring. One of my earliest memories is of sitting and watching her use her artist’s pen, ink, and water to create fashion-style drawings of women in fur.

I was encouraged to create whatever my heart desired from a very young age. Drawing, painting, sketching, collage – which all later lead to the discovery of “Color Me Beautiful.”

My whole life has revolved around my senses – the visual, scents, touch, spirituality, emotions, and the greatest of all, love. On this site I will be sharing all of these aspects of my world. I will freely express myself and share the things that move me to the very center of my being.

If you want to know more about my background and how I came to create my company, Selective Moments In Time LLC, then please visit my main site where I share all of my Branding and Marketing techniques. But don’t forget to bookmark this site as well so you can see all of my latest projects.

Peace and prosperity to you,

Image: Deborah signature