The Best and Worst Wedding Glamour Essentials

By the end of the summer, your friends and family will be asking you where the perfect wedding makeup artist is.

And you’ll probably say they’re either at the mall or at a boutique.

That’s OK, because we have you covered.

Here are 10 of our favorite and worst wedding makeup artists.1.

Micky Fruhrer, Vogue-approved makeup artist from The Vogue collectionMicky Fruger is the creator of the bestselling Vogue Beauty collection.

In addition to his work as an artist, he also has a degree in fine art from the prestigious University of California, Los Angeles.2.

Katie Wiebe, makeup artist at MWP Beauty, based in NYCThe first person I would call for advice when I’m in New York City is Katie Wiesbe, who specializes in all things makeup.

Wiesbeth, who has worked as a makeup artist for years, has created a collection of high-end products that are not only perfect for a glamorous event, but also look great on the next big fashion show.3.

Yolanda Perna, makeup and hair stylist at Glamor, based out of New YorkA hair stylista in her early 20s, Yolana Pernanas work has earned her a spot in the makeup game.

Pernas beauty line includes products like the perfect manicure, manicure extensions and manicure tools.

It also includes a line of hair brushes that are specifically designed to give your hair its natural shine.4.

Michelle Gieger, makeup designer and artist based out, NYPoli stylist and founder of Poli, basedin Brooklyn, New York Michelle Giegler is a makeup designer with over 15 years of experience.

She also has degrees in fine arts and political science.5.

Tanya Lacey, makeup artists at MGP Beauty, NYC basedin New York, New Yorkers favorite style brandTanya Lace is the founder and president of MGP, a brand that includes a range of beautiful products that work perfectly for the perfect event.

In her own words, she “is known for her bold, bold look, which includes bold hair, a dramatic nose, and an even more dramatic mouth.

And, she’s also known for having a fabulous body, with super-thin legs, amazing abs, and a flawless complexion.”6.

Jennifer Ziegler, makeup stylist based out in Brooklyn, NYThe woman behind the famous “Natalie Portman” brand, Jennifer Ziggler is one of the most well-known makeup artists in the world.

She has been a makeup stylian for years and has even worked with stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, Demian Bichir, and many others.7.

Lisa Buehler, makeup beauty and hair artist based in New Jersey, NJ Lisa Bucehler is a hair stylian who has been featured on Bravo’s “Shark Tank,” and has also worked for Vogue, Glamors Beauty and Cosmetics, and MWP beauty.

She was recently named the 2016 New York Magazine Cover Beauty Artist of the Year and also has work for Glamours and the Vogue and Cosmo beauty brands.8.

Kristy Schull, makeup & hair stylists at VogueBeauty, basedout of New JerseyKristy Scholl has a passion for makeup and has worked in beauty for over a decade.

She says she has always loved the art of creating a flawless look and has a knack for blending color to perfection.

She currently has makeup for her clients at VOGE Beauty, as well as her own beauty line.9.

Anna Ziegman, makeup arts director at MCP Beauty, NYAnna Ziegmann is a talented makeup artist who has created several of the biggest brands in beauty today.

Ziegmans work has landed her a role on ABC’s hit show “Gossip Girl.”10.

Kimberly C. Pecoraro, makeup assistant and makeup artist basedoutof New YorkIn addition to her beauty line, Kimberly C. Pepora has worked for brands like MWP, Lush, Giorgio Armani, and more.

Her personal makeup is the kind of highlighter that you wear to your wedding night, and she also has some great tools that you can use on your next big beauty look.

Read more about beauty:Follow @ABCNewsBeauty

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