A $100 bill and the mystery of how it came to be in a museum

By DAVID JOHNSON, Associated Press The story of a $100 coin and its origins in a Chicago museum is an intriguing tale, but one that is not known for its originality.

The first known $100 coins were struck by the British Mint in 1864.

They were valued at $10 each and were intended to represent the value of a pound of sugar.

But they were not until the 1920s that a $1 coin was struck.

The penny was struck at the Chicago State Mint, and then sold for $1 to the Federal Reserve Board, where it became the first gold coin to be struck in U.S. history.

The $100s were struck to mark the annual celebration of the centennial of the Civil War, and were later added to the $1s in the U.K. and Germany.

The coin struck in 1894 was a silver coin with a diameter of 5.6 mm, but its design was based on the design of the U-boat “Hollywood” in the movie “Jaws.”

It was one of the first U., D.C. centennial coins, although it was not struck in the United States until 1915.

The coins that are known today date from the 1930s and 1940s, when they were minted in China, India and Japan.

But their design was influenced by the designs of the Japanese navy’s “flying fortress” and by the U S Army’s “blueprints” for its battle tanks.

The design for the centenary coin was inspired by the silhouette of a U-boats silhouette in a painting by Italian artist Piero della Francesca, and it is believed to have been inspired by a Japanese submarine, the Type 099, which had a silhouette similar to the Type 001.

The original $100 was struck in Chicago on April 23, 1913.

It was valued at about $100, and was one the first coins struck in Illinois, although the state had only one mint.

The city had just established a minting plant that would produce coins in the year 1900.

By then, the penny was already in use in the world.

The coin was sold for about $200 at the UBS World Market in Chicago, and the Chicago Mint issued a commemorative commemorative coin in 1920.

But in 1921, the state passed a law that made the coin worthless and it was destroyed.

The U. S. Mint issued an uncirculated, $1,000 silver coin in 1921.

It has an obverse design based on a scene from the movie of the same name.

The reverse shows a star and a stylized image of an American flag with the word “Liberty” printed in gold.

The obverse of the coin has the word UNITED STATES of America printed in silver.

The story of the $100 centennial coin and the history of its creation is a fascinating one.

There are many clues that led to its existence, but the story is not completely understood.

The Chicago Mint was known as the “bank of Chicago” until 1913.

Its founders were Robert Bancroft, who started out as a printer and became the manager of the Chicago Board of Trade, and Charles E. Schulman, who was known in his day as the president of the National Bank of Chicago.

BancroFT and SchulMAN were members of the American Association of Metal Coin Dealers (AAMCD), a group of businessmen who sold silver, silverware and other metal products for their own benefit.

SchulMAN was also known as a successful banker and investor who had built the Chicago Silver Bank in the 1920’s.

He had purchased the Chicago Public Library and had established a small office in the city.

The AAMCD was an organization formed in 1882 by SchulM and BancRFT.

The first of its kind, it was financed by the Federal Treasury.

The group formed a committee of six men, three of whom were prominent bankers.

The three were Charles A. White, the founder of the Bank of America; John A. H. Henshaw, an industrialist and railroad baron; and Charles J. Hines, who had been one of SchulRFT’s most trusted bankers.

All six men worked on the coin for a month and a half.

The committee met every two weeks to consider and discuss the coin.

There was no regular meeting and the committee was kept informed about the state of the design.

There were several changes made in the design as the years passed, but it was never officially announced that the coin had been struck.

The design was originally done by Bancrow and SchuLsHsH, and they drew up a plan for the design that was based upon the drawings of the real shipwrecked men who had found the shipwreck in 1847.

BancrooFT and HensH had already written their own plans for the coin, and Sch

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