Female artists music music,2008-2018

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Why are you pink now?

The Pink Artist School, founded by Katy Perry in 2014, has been hailed as a “game-changing” and “transformative” initiative.Now the school is going all-in on making its first-ever pink-themed cosmetics line.“It’s been an eye-opening journey,” Perry told ESPN on Tuesday, when asked why she chose the pink line.“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, so […]

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‘I can’t take my eyes off him’: Australian artists celebrate ‘I Can’t Take My Eyes Off Him’

Posted by The Washington Post on Saturday, December 13, 2017 07:29:47 The Washington Public Art Commission voted to designate Apple’s “I Can Not Take My Eyelids Off Him” as the nation’s first major exhibition of contemporary art created by an Australian artist.It was approved by the commission’s Advisory Committee on Public Art on Friday.The commission […]

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