I heard ’90s rap song ‘Toxic Waste’ is about a toxic waste dump

A hip hop artist is claiming that toxic waste dumped into the Hudson River is a metaphor for the environmental disaster that he believes has plagued the city of New York City for decades.

In the song ‘Than Like The Ocean,’ singer-songwriter Kaitlyn Rose is playing on a synthesizer, and it plays as if the narrator is watching a television news broadcast on the Hudson, New York.

The words “the river is poisoned” are heard, along with lyrics about toxic waste dumping into the river.

In a Facebook post, Rose wrote: “As a Native American and Black woman I’m a little disturbed by the use of a song by a white man to discuss the environmental damage of toxic waste, even if it’s a metaphor.”

Rose told the Huffington Post that the song “is a great metaphor for our city,” as the toxic waste is being dumped into New York’s polluted waterways.

Rose’s song, which has been viewed more than 2 million times, was written about the environmental destruction caused by the Hudson’s discharge of toxic wastewater.

“I was looking at the Hudson with my own eyes and hearing about the impact the river has on us and our communities, and seeing the devastation it has on our city.

The river is toxic and is an ecological disaster,” Rose said.

She said the song was meant to help inspire the residents of the New York metropolitan area to take action on pollution and the pollution coming out of the city.

The song, titled ‘Thanos Toxicity,’ has been widely shared on social media and the internet, including by rapper Lil Wayne.

Rose said she was inspired by the song’s lyrics, which were written by Lil Wayne while he was living in Los Angeles in the ’90-00s.

The rapper was inspired to write a song that spoke about the devastation of pollution and its effect on people.

“His lyrics, they just reflect what people are feeling,” Rose told HuffPost.

“He was very concerned about the health and well-being of people in the city, and he knew that what he was writing would be a powerful statement.”

The lyrics of the song read:The Hudson River has always been the symbol of toxic water, and we live in the shadow of it.

But now it is a toxic swamp and it will take us years to clean up it.

And as we continue to grow we will never truly be free from the toxic pollution.

I am the ocean, the sky is blue, and the clouds are red.

The river is polluted, and that is the only thing that matters.

Rose told HuffPost that she hopes that other artists will take note of the lyrics in order to help them speak out against the toxic spill.

“We can be the voice for those who don’t speak up or are ignored, and hopefully they will listen to what we have to say,” Rose explained.

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