‘The Last of Us’ director discusses the legacy of Joel and Ellie

The Last of Weeds is a game that has been criticized for the way it treats its protagonists, the way in which it handles the relationships of its two main characters, and for its treatment of violence.

A big part of the controversy revolves around the ending, where Ellie and Joel are forced to kill each other in a fit of anger.

That’s a very big part.

I think that it was a huge moment for me as a filmmaker.

The fact that I didn’t have to think about it at all, because we were already there, it made it very easy.

Joel was already thinking about it, Ellie was already planning her next move.

I don’t think that’s ever been a question for me, but I do think that I had a lot of fun with the ending.

When you look back on it, it felt really satisfying.

There was so much tension between them, and it felt so natural to me.

I’ve never been so ready to shoot a movie in my life.

[laughs] We shot in real time and we shot in black and white, and I didn´t know how the camera would work.

I didn`t know what I was going to get with the camera.

I was in my room, and the first thing that I did was take my camera out and put it in a box, because I thought, Well, it looks like this is it.

Joel is sitting in front of a desk.

And I said, What is this, this is the last shot of this.

I thought to myself, What the fuck is happening?

That was the moment that I thought: This is it, Joel.

And he said, I didn�t mean to kill you.

He didn`ve been thinking about that all day.

I said: That is it!

I knew it was it.

The ending was not an easy choice.

But I loved it.

[editor’s note: The film was filmed in black-and-white.]

And then we started shooting, and you see a few scenes from it.

You see Ellie and the camera rolling, you see Joel running through a building, and he’s running into a wall and he runs right through it.

He runs right into the wall, and Ellie comes out of the room and walks away.

So the ending was very satisfying for me.

You don`t want to think that the ending is too shocking, but it was very exciting for me to make.

But the biggest thing was, I wanted to make this movie with a woman in it.

It felt like the right thing to do for the film.

It was a difficult decision to make because the film wasn’t a romantic drama, but that wasn’t what I wanted the film to be about.

I wanted it to be a story about the relationship between Joel and Claire.

So I thought it would be a really good fit for her.

[sighs] So it was kind of a difficult moment for us.

The film has a lot to do with the way we relate to one another.

When I was first reading the script, I said to myself that I don`s going to be able to tell Joel and I just want to see what happens.

And when I finished reading it, I was like, No, no, no.

We have to be friends.

We need to be together, and there has to be some sort of relationship.

Joel and me have known each other since we were very young.

So it felt very natural to us to be on the same page and be together in this film.

And it really helped us as filmmakers, because it made the film feel very authentic to me, because there was a lot in there.

And that was really the beginning of the love triangle.

And Joel and the character, Ellie, were kind of at a crossroads.

She had to decide whether she wanted to keep the relationship going, or whether she needed to step away from Joel.

It took me a long time to find the right moment to do that, because Joel has been with Ellie for a long, long time.

He has been a father figure, he has been her partner.

So he kind of took a backseat in Ellie’s decision-making process.

I just needed to find a moment where she was going, “Yeah, this can work.”

She didn`s seen Joel as a father, and she had this image in her head of him being a father.

And then when she saw Joel as this kind of father figure to Ellie, it was like a revelation to her.

She kind of realized that she wanted a father that she could depend on.

And the film was really about that relationship between her and Joel.

The Last, which is in theaters now, is about the story of Ellie and Ellie and her family, and also about the life of Joel.

You can see it in theaters March 2nd and March 15th.

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