Who Is Graffiti Artist Michael O’Brien?

Michael O. O’Briens, a graffiti artist from Chicago, has recently become the subject of attention from the graffiti community.

His graffiti style is not unique to Chicago, but it is widely used across the U.S. and has spawned a whole new genre of graffiti art that includes an almost universal aesthetic of hand painting over large white lines.

In addition to being a talented painter, O’O’Bris has also written numerous poetry and poetry-inspired songs.

The Chicago native has recently been the subject to several art vandalism investigations, including vandalism of the artist’s painting of the word “cope,” a reference to the American flag. 

The story behind this article  “A little while ago, the Chicago Sun-Times came across a story about a graffiti painting on a Chicago street that I do, which was a bit strange.

The piece of art was on the side of a building I work on.

It was a sign of respect.

And then a few days later, someone came over to my building and vandalized the sign and spray-painted it. 

It got me really mad, so I was like, ‘Who’s that person?’ and I took pictures and took them to the police.

And they were like, whoa, who’s that?’

And they said, ‘Yeah, it’s Michael O.’

I was pissed, like, yeah, you have to get this person out of here!”

O’Malley says. 

“He’s an extremely talented artist and has made quite a name for himself.

I’m glad to see that he’s doing everything I’m asking him to do.”

Michael O’briens’ graffiti art and his writing has been featured on ABC News, The Huffington Post, NPR, The Daily Mail, and more.

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