How to be Filipino artist and have a life that you want

Filipino artists are among the best at the craft, and there are many ways to be a Filipino artist.

We spoke with Filipino artist Filipina A. T. de Lima, who has been working as a graphic designer in Manila for more than 20 years.

de la Rosa says she is a “filipino” artist because she is Filipino, and she is always thinking of the next thing to do.

“I think of the way my work will be presented,” she says.

The Filipino artist says she likes to work with a “totem” style of art, in which a person’s face, or “todong” or “paintbrush,” is represented by a symbol, like a flower or a bird, on their body.

She is known for using this style of painting to depict the various aspects of her life, from her love of reading to her desire to have a family and pursue an education.

de La Rosa’s style can be used to portray a variety of emotions, from anger to happiness, she says, and also to convey some of her personal feelings.

But there are also times when her “toot” or brush art is more emotional, she adds.

When she is working on a portrait, she paints the face and hands with a paint brush, a practice that she says helps the viewer feel closer to the artist.

de los Santos is a Filipino graphic designer and artist.

He is known in the Philippines as a “Filipino painter,” and his work is available online and at art shops in the country.

de Los Santos says he draws his “todo” art from the “traditional Filipino art” that he learned while growing up in Manila.

“It’s my way of expressing the emotions and feelings of people in the society,” de los Sos Santos says.

“The painting is the expression of the person’s own life, their emotions.” de los Santos says that his “filimento” style, as it’s called in the art world, is influenced by his love of photography, but also by the art he studies at the College of Visual Arts in Manila, where he studied art history.

de las Santos has drawn a variety, from portraits to sculptures and works on paper and canvas.

He says his style is meant to be more than just an aesthetic expression.

“To me, it’s not just about the artwork.

It’s about the person,” he says.

For de los Sanchez, “toda” art means a life of “creative expression” in which artists can “express their feelings.”

For de la Santos, “filippo” means “art” and his style “is about creating art for people,” de la Santos adds.

“What is it about Filipinos?

What do we see in them?

And what are they?

How do we represent them?

The answer to that is to look at the art and the culture that they have created.”

De las Santos says his art has a “big heart,” as he hopes it will inspire others to live their lives in “the right way.”

Filipinos have “tosor” or a “soft heart,” and he says the art they create has a great potential to affect the lives of others.

de lis Santos says that he is not trying to be controversial or push his own views on “toodo” art.

“You can express yourself in whatever way you want.

I’m not saying I’m trying to force anybody to do anything,” he adds.

The Philippine artist says he hopes his work can help other artists “express themselves through art.”

For more information on Filipino artists, visit

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