What is your favourite hip-hop artist from the 90s?

We have a big list of rappers from the ’90s, but we’re going to focus on the hip-hoppers who made it big in the decade.

Let’s start with Nas, whose career spanned four decades and made him a household name.

Nas was one of the most important rappers in hip-hops history, and his music was one that made the biggest impact on the generations that followed.

He was the first MC to break out of the ’80s rap scene, but the success he had with his music in the ’00s led to a wave of popular rappers from both sides of the Atlantic who were instantly famous.

He’s probably the best-known rapper in hip hop history and was probably the biggest influence on any rap artist of the era.

Nas is probably the greatest rapper of all time.

He started his career in the mid-’80s and made his big break with a record that hit No 1 in the US and No 1 internationally, and it remains the highest-charting rap album ever.

If you listen to his songs, you can’t help but notice that he is incredibly confident, but he also shows a lot of intelligence and intelligence is something that can’t be taught.

Nas’s music can be described as gritty, but it also has an interesting side of humor and emotion.

Nas has always been a huge fan of American culture, and he really wanted to be able to tell stories that he felt resonated with people.

So he really made a conscious decision to go back to the roots of American hip-hip culture, the ’70s and ’80 (the time period when the late rapper Chuck D was making his first album).

It’s just that he wanted to make music that he loved and loved to listen to.

Nas really took his time and tried to find his own sound.

There was always a lot going on during the ’60s and the ’50s, and that is why he was able to stay true to the soul of hip-Hop.

Nas also did an amazing job at capturing the essence of hip Hop without sacrificing the original sound.

He had an amazing understanding of what hip-HOP was, and what it meant to him, but there was a certain balance between being serious and having fun.

Nas did a great job of creating his own genre, but in the end, he was just a big hip-Hopper who wanted to do what he loved, and made a lot more money than he should have.

The Nas we know today is very much an outsider, but his music is still very much about what it means to be an outsider.

He created his own brand of hip hop that has remained very much influential to hip-Punks for decades.

What Nas did in the early ’90S was really groundbreaking, but when we think of Hip-Hop, we think about it as a period in history when everything changed.

In Nas’s career, there are some very different things happening at once.

He changed the rules of hip rap forever.

It’s hard to pinpoint the moment that made him such a huge star.

But what is certain is that he changed hip-Rap in a big way.

He made his name with his rhymes, but then he was the one to create the new rules.

Nas changed hip hop and made it his own.

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