Why don’t we learn Spanish?

Artist Pavers and Artist Mexicano is an artist and artist pavers of the Jamaican artist, Frida Kahlo.

They also do the music videos, as well as do illustrations, and have made the music video for the hit song, “La Ciudad” (Let’s Get Together).

The three artists were on a cruise on their way to Jamaica when they came across a large black, large, and very fat white woman with a long, long, very long black hair, standing in the center of the sea.

She was carrying a big bag with a small, small, and big backpack in it.

The two of them started talking.

“She looked like she was a star,” said Pavers.

“She looked so beautiful.

She looked like an angel.””

We had never seen her before, and we were both very nervous, and I was just thinking, ‘What is this?

This is crazy,'” said Mey, who is Mexican-American.

Mey and Pavers had never been to Jamaica before.

They were looking for a beach vacation, but when they reached the island, they realized that the island was too big and crowded.

“So we decided to just walk up to the island,” said Meys brother, Pais.

“We were walking around and saw this black woman standing there.”

“I was thinking, I’m going to go up and get her,” Pais said.

“And I remember saying to myself, I have a better idea, because she looks like a star.”

“So I grabbed her and I put her on my shoulders and said, ‘Let’s go,'” Pais continued.

“That’s when I saw the star in the water.”

Mey started to dance and Pais began to talk to the woman.

She said she had heard of Pais and his family and that he was a musician.

She had heard about the show and her own mother who had died recently, but didn’t know much about it.

“So I was like, Wow, that’s amazing,” said the woman, who was named Lina.

“I started to sing and her eyes opened, and she said, I am so happy, you’re my new mother, and you are my new friend.

She started to cry,” Paas said.

The two of the artists said that it was a very emotional moment, and that the woman who they were talking to had the greatest, happiest smile.

“It was just incredible,” said Thiago.

“The feeling of joy and happiness was something that I never thought I would feel.”

The artists were able to share their story, and their story of love and connection with a new community of Jamaicans and immigrants to America.

The woman said, “Thank you so much.

Thank you so, so much.”

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