The Next Web: What is YouTube for artists?

The, the online video sharing platform owned by Google, is looking to make a splash with its next iteration of its YouTube Music app, which will allow users to upload videos to the platform and get a music-related response.

The platform is still in its infancy, but the team behind it has already seen success with a similar version of the service last year.

The music-sharing app has seen a big growth over the last few years, with users spending an average of 6.5 billion minutes on YouTube each month.

However, Google has not taken its music service very seriously, and the company’s current YouTube Music service is currently only available for Android devices.

The Next web app is a way for users to add music videos to YouTube in a similar fashion to how they add videos to Flickr.

Users will be able to add videos in a variety of ways, from a simple list of available music clips to a video playlist with a selection of the music videos in their collection.

In a press release today, the Nextweb team said that the Next web service will be available for free for the next six months, but users will need to pay a monthly fee for a subscription to access it.

The company is also offering the Next app for free through its Play Store, and users will be free to download and use the Next browser extension for a period of two years.

The goal of the Next service is to make it easier for artists to reach a wider audience with their music.

YouTube has a strong following among artists and music fans because of its popularity and its ease of access.

There are more than 1.6 billion music fans on YouTube, according to the company, and it has millions of users who spend hours on YouTube every day.

“We’ve seen YouTube evolve from a niche platform to a worldwide platform,” said Alexey Borodin, senior vice president of YouTube Music.

“There’s a lot of great music and video out there, but YouTube Music is the platform for sharing it.

That’s the key for us, and we’re thrilled to be able give artists a new way to share their music.”

The next web service has been available for iOS and Android users for about six months now.

Google Music is available on Google’s Play Store and it is free.

The new Next web version of YouTube will be built on the Next Chrome extension, which is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari users.

The browser extension can add video clips, music, and even playlists to YouTube.

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