How to find and find your ’90s music’s new stars

In search of a new music icon, search through the thousands of artists’ music releases that have surfaced in the last year.

While many of these artists released albums in the late ’90’s, many of their tracks are still available today, including some from a number of artists that have since disappeared.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most notable ’90-era releases that made their mark in 2018.

Top 25 Albums That Were Released In 2018 The Top 25 Songs From the ’90 to the ’20s are below, and you can click on the links to hear each artist’s full music history, or browse through the artists’ albums.

*If you like the song, please rate it.

The song has been added to the list of artists who are featured in this article.

*The albums listed are available in both MP3 and FLAC formats.

*All of the artists listed are either currently active or are currently on tour, but they will not appear in the list unless they are listed in the albums.

This is a list of all artists who have released music in the past year.


The Beatles 2.

Coldplay 3.

The Killers 4.

The Beach Boys 5.

Arcade Fire 6.

The xx 7.

Pink Floyd 8.

Arcade vs. The Zombies 9.

The Cure 10.

Radiohead 11.

Katy Perry 12.

The Avalanches 13.

Frank Ocean 14.

The National 15.

Linkin Park 16.

Nicki Minaj 17.

Drake 18.

The 1975 19.

Maroon 5 20.

MØ 21.

Disclosure 22.

The Weeknd 23.

Zedd 24.

The Chainsmokers 25.

The Black Keys This article is part of our ’90 To 20s series.

It includes music released between the late-’90s and the early-2000s.

To learn more about how we selected the top 100 albums of the ’00s, click here.

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