When we were kids, this is what we’d have for dinner: Japanese-style sushi (and more)

I love Japanese-inspired dishes and sushi in general, so when I heard that one restaurant was opening a sushi bar in Portland, Oregon, I knew I had to try it.

This isn’t a restaurant that will be serving sushi, but I do like sushi in particular, so I’m happy to be able to sample the new sushi.

Located at the end of the waterfront near the old Portland Aquarium, the bar has a little more space than the other two in its space, but still has a nice feel.

It’s located inside the Aquarium’s new “Café & Lounge” on the third floor, and I was lucky enough to have the chance to sit down with the owner, Yasuhiro Takayama.

We first met while visiting Japan during my time at the Japan Expo in Seattle.

I was in Japan for the first time since my return to the US, so it was nice to talk to someone from another country.

When I was asked to talk about the restaurant, Takayam didn’t hesitate to jump in with some information about the sushi menu and a little bit about the history of the city in general.

I asked him a few questions, and he was pretty excited about the new menu.

It’s not really a sushi restaurant.

We just have sushi.

It comes out of the kitchen.

I’m not going to lie, it’s not a very elegant way of cooking it, but the sushi comes out pretty well.

I think it’s really good.

I like that the fish is not overly fatty.

I also like that it has a light taste.

It has a kind of sweet, savory, savoury feel.

The flavors really are there.

The main course is the tuna.

It starts with the tuna with rice.

You get a very light texture with just a little kick to it.

It was nice, and it’s nice to have a texture with a little saltiness.

Then you add some soy sauce and sugar.

It adds a nice touch of sweetness.

You can add avocado to it, and there are some different sauces that come in, and that’s a lot of flavor.

I really liked the way that it was served, so that was pretty fun.

I did like that, but it’s very light and fluffy, so you can get the fish right.

Next you get the shoyu.

It is a Japanese-styled rice dish that is made with rice, so they put it in a little bowl with a lid, and then you add the fish, and they just fry it until it’s done.

You put the rice in the bowl, and the fish comes out in little pieces.

The taste is nice, so then you eat it with a spoon, and when you eat that, you’ll have a very thin, creamy sauce.

You just throw it all in a bowl and then it comes out nice and soft.

Then the next one is the miso.

The miso is just the rice and the vegetables.

They just throw in the rice, and you cook it and then they just add the vegetables and you put it all together and it comes together nicely.

Then we have the shochu.

This is a rice dish.

They put it right in the middle of the rice.

It just has a bit of a crunch.

They don’t really use much salt, but they just use a lot more salt than the shichu.

The flavor is nice.

Then they add the sweet and savory miso, and next up is the soy sauce.

It also has a lot.

It tastes like a really good sauce.

Then it comes with a lot, and this is the sauce that we use in the sushi.

I’ve seen that in other sushi restaurants.

Then, the next dish is the crab cakes.

They start with the crab, and just cook it for a while.

Then after a while, they put some soy-based sauce in, so there’s a light, sweet, soy-like taste.

Next up is their teriyaki sauce.

This comes with egg.

It really tastes like teriyakaki sauce, but not really that sweet, so just add a little extra sugar.

They add a bit more sweet to it than the rice or the soy, so next up, is the nigiri.

I actually like this one the most.

It had a really nice, light texture.

They cut it into strips, so if you like the rice that way, this dish is good for you.

Next is the avocado salad.

They have this salad called the kotatsu.

It usually comes with the avocado, so for me, I was a little hesitant to try this salad.

Then I just decided to try the avocado.

It wasn’t bad, but there was a lightness to it that I didn’t like, so this is my first time trying avocado, and so I really enjoyed it.

The next dish was the temp

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