Black bear artist and art historian Mark Ewing discusses the importance of art and black culture

Mark Ewings, a curator and curator at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Fine Arts, has curated a collection of rare works of art from black artists.

Ewing, whose collection includes a sculpture of the famous African elephant, is also an African American artist, curator, and lecturer.

We caught up with Ewing at the Poynter Institute to discuss his work.

The art of African elephants is one of the most enduring cultural icons of the African diaspora, but the elephant’s origins are far more mysterious.

Ewings first became aware of the elephant in his early teens when he was visiting Africa.

His family owned a herd of African elephant and had traveled extensively.

Eights grandfather had spent time with elephants, and Ewings family would visit the elephant parks in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Ewings mother was a zoologist who studied elephants in a zoo.

Ewalds father worked as a zoo curator, visiting the elephants and helping to maintain the animals.

The elephants were a very special animal.

The male elephants were very large and powerful.

I remember one day, I went down to the elephant house to see the elephants.

There were a lot of elephants there.

There was a big elephant, and I was a little boy.

The big elephant was very tall, and he was very intimidating, and it was really scary.

The elephant was also very powerful.

Eaves mother told him, “You can’t be afraid of elephants.”

Ewings mother said, “I’m afraid of my children, but they’re not afraid of me.”

She also said, Ewan is a beautiful boy.

I think her fears were justified.

Ewens mother also told him that he was going to be a great elephant keeper.

I’ve been an elephant keeper for about 30 years, and my elephants have been wonderful.

I have never had a problem with elephants in the past.

My elephants are very gentle.

They don’t kill anyone, and they love to play with me.

Ewan loved the elephants, too, and we had a wonderful relationship.

When I was 14, I was with a friend of mine.

I went up to him and we hugged and kissed.

I said, I’m going to take you on a safari, and if you get lost, I’ll find you.

He said, ok, you know, I love you, too.

We went on a hunting safari.

I saw an elephant that had come to my rescue.

I picked up the elephant, got its trunk off and I said to Ewan, I don’t know where you are, but I’ll go find you, and then I’ll give you a safe passage back to your mother and father.

Ewen was really nervous.

He didn’t know what to do.

He thought, I am going to have to be careful, but then I just kind of took it.

I thought that was the right thing to do, and at that time I thought I had the right attitude.

I was just really trusting and I thought he was really kind.

He was.

The whole experience was really magical, because he got to know the elephants very well.

I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with this great elephant.

I think Ewan was able to bond with the elephants because they are such beautiful animals, and the elephants have a very specific way of interacting with humans.

They do things that are so very human.

They’re very gentle, they’re very loyal, and most of all they are very protective of their young.

They would take care of their babies, and so I think that was a very good bond.

EWens mother told me that when they first saw him, they were so excited, but after a few minutes, he just started crying, because his mother had been killed by a wild elephant.

They never talked about that.

He had never been around elephants before, and that was quite a shock.

I just remember feeling like, wow, he really is an amazing elephant keeper and so much more than that.

The work of art is very important to me, because I think African art is so important.

I am very much interested in the role of art in the lives of African people, and art is an expression of that.

The idea of an African artist who can really express the emotions and feelings that they have and who is able to create images that resonate with that, that is very significant to me.

Art is so powerful and it’s so complex, and as an African-American artist, I believe in art as an expression.

I do my best to express myself through art.

I feel like the African-Americans in my family have a lot in common with African-Americas, and when I see someone like the black artist Ewen, who is truly unique and very different, I feel more confident in myself.

When we see these people in the African communities, I see a very different face to the person that

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