What will the next big thing be?

The next big change will come when artificial intelligence takes over the world, but what exactly will it do?

This month, the BBC Future Festival unveiled a number of promising new projects that could usher in a new era of creativity and invention.

From creating the next generation of smartphones and smartwatches to helping to usher in new forms of entertainment, the festival has a wealth of new and exciting work to highlight.

Below, we’ve put together a list of some of the most promising new works that could redefine what art is all about.1.

Art by the Sea – by Lotte de Bruin – art by the sea2.

The Artist’s Eye – by Anna Derenköping – art eye3. Triptych – by Adriaan de Vries – triptyches art4.

The Great Wall of China – by Yuhua Li – wall of China5.

The Eye of the World – by Aida Gao – the eye of the world6.

In the Time of the Stars – by Riz Ahmed – in the time of the stars7.

The Last of Us – by Joel Schumacher – last of us8.

The Eyes of the Wind – by J.J. Abrams – eyes of the wind9.

Black Mirror – by Charlie Brooker – black mirror10.

The Matrix Reloaded – by David Lynch – the matrix Reloaded11.

In The Heart of the Sea by Michael Morpurgo – inthe heart of the sea12.

The Time of Tomorrow – by John Carpenter – time of tomorrow13.

The Final Countdown – by Paul Thomas Anderson – final countdown14.

The End of Everything – by Michael Moorcock – end of everything15.

The New York Trilogy – by Robert Louis Stevenson – the new york trilogy16.

A.J.-s-Tales by David Brin – a.j.-s tales17.

The Art of Fear – by Mark Mothersbaugh – art of fear18.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – by Hans Christian Andersen – the adventures of huckleberry finn19.

A Very British Christmas – by Brian De Palma – a very british Christmas20.

The Story of the Ancient Art of Painting – by Peter Fonda – the story of the ancient art of painting21.

The Color of Money – by Richard Gere – the color of money22.

The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars – by James Cameron – ziggy and spiders from mars23.

The Man Who Wasn’t There – by Clint Eastwood – the man who wasn’t there24.

The World’s Best-Selling Book of Art – by William Shakespeare – the best-selling book of art25.

The Way You Make Me Feel – by Anne Lamott – the way you make me feel26.

The Dream Machine – by Nick Hornby – the dream machine27.

The Journey of the Sonnet of Georges Braque – by Jean Baudrillard – the sonnet of ges braque28.

The Life of David Copperfield – by Stephen King – the life of david copperfield29.

The Death of Einstein – by Albert Einstein – the death of george spieltich30.

The Legend of Zelda – by Hyrule Warriors – the legend of the lonlle god31.

The Girl Who Came to Town – by Dolly Parton – the girl who came to town32.

The Magician’s Apprentice – by Tilda Swinton – the magician’s apprentice33.

The Secret Life of the Bees – by George Orwell – the secret life of the bees34.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – by Marc Webb – the amazing spider-man 235.

The Book of the Dead – by Kazuo Ishiguro – the book of the dead36.

The Long Walk Home – by Martin Scorsese – the long walk home37.

The Invisible Man – by Joseph Heller – the invisible man38.

The Black Book of Magic – by Mary Shelley – the black book of magic39.

The First Doctor – by Steven Moffat – the first doctor40.

The Boy Next Door – by Ben Stiller – the boy next door41.

The Golden Compass – by Eric Schlosser – the golden compass42.

The Little Princess – by Hilda Miller – the little princess43.

The Night of the Hunter – by Douglas Adams – the night of the hunter44.

The Princess Diaries – by Jane Austen – the princess diaries45.

The Queen’s Speech – by Sir Robert Menzies – the queen’s speech46.

The Song of the Starlight Sea – on the nature of art and how it has changed in the past and how to change it47.

The Kingkiller Chronicle – by Cormac McCarthy – the kingkiller chronicle48.

The House of the Devil – by Frank Herbert – the house of devil49.

The Red Shoes – by Jack London – the red

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