The Dutch artists who make the world’s most iconic art, from art lovers to artists in the shadows

When the artist who made the world famous Dutch painting, Tintin, is invited to become a member of the International Art Council in New York City, his plans come to an abrupt halt.

He refuses.

Instead, the Dutch artist Joop van der Vliet, has come up with a radical new solution.

He invites the world of art, and especially the Dutch, to join the International Arts Council.

For Tintins founder, Joop has been a hard-working, passionate and committed artist who has helped create a global and culturally enriching art community in the Netherlands.

But in recent years, the artist’s art has been accused of being anti-Semitic and of promoting a fascist ideology, according to a series of allegations made against him.

In an interview with VICE News, Van der Vltiet, 75, said that he has been threatened with violence and even death if he didn’t leave the Netherlands, and that his decision was based on the fact that the International Council is a white supremacist organization.

Van der Vlaiet, who also created a series titled ‘Nederland’ for the Dutch National Museum in Amsterdam, is a founding member of Art Nouveau, an umbrella group of artists who draw from and support the tradition of art in the West.

Art Nouveaux, an art-history club, and the International Artist’s Council, the body that represents artists, are not just groups of artists, but also members of the art world.

In a statement on the group’s website, the International Artists Council said: “We have a vision for the future of art and are committed to supporting artists of all kinds in creating the world we want to see.”

Van der Veld has a different vision.

He says that he hopes to create a new art community that promotes the values and culture of the Dutch and non-Dutch, in an attempt to make art more inclusive.

He is also pushing for more transparency around his art, including a process by which artists can share their art with the public, and for the museum to recognize their works and allow the public to purchase them.

Art, Van Der Veld said, is not a racist art.

He also believes that art is the best art, in part because it is inherently democratic.

“I think the artists in my group are very creative, but I also think that we need to have more democracy in our art,” he said.

“That means more freedom, more choice, more freedom to say what we want, what we feel, what makes us happy.”

For Van der Velde, the IAC is an opportunity to build an art community, where art, like life, is at the heart of a person’s identity.

For Van der veld, the idea of joining an international group of art-loving people was a way to connect to the world.

“It is an invitation for me to say, I’m a part of a community, and I want to help this community grow,” he added.

Art-lovers, art-critics, and even some artists in Germany, the Netherlands and beyond have taken to the internet to express their disgust with Van der Voet.

Many have used the hashtag #FreeJoop to share their disgust.

But it is also becoming more popular in the United States.

A petition on has been signed by over 30,000 people.

And some art enthusiasts are calling for Van der Vegen to be allowed to return to the Netherlands to see his art.

The Dutch artist has already left the country for good, and his wife is expecting their second child.

In his statement, Van den Veld wrote: “I have to say that I would be the happiest if I could see Joop in my home again.”

Van den Velde said that the Dutch have a lot to learn from each other, and in the future they should look to him as an inspiration.

“He is a pioneer, but a visionary,” he told VICE News.

“He started out doing something he knew how to do, and he did it in a way that made sense to the Dutch people.

That’s why it’s a big mistake to think that it was his only work that was worthy of being exhibited in the country.”

He said that art needs to be made as inclusive as possible, but that it also needs to work for the common good.

“We must do better,” he concluded.

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