Why you’re not hearing about todd white’s new album, ‘Sleeping Beauty’


— When the news broke last year that Todd White had filed for bankruptcy, his wife, Amy White, and the singer’s son, Jake, didn’t know where to go from there.

White has been on a tear since launching a tour with singer-songwriter-producer Todd White in July.

White has sold more than 1 million records worldwide.

But as the world watches his latest tour with the American rock band Black Eyed Peas, the former Kiss singer is now searching for the right way to get his music out.

White is planning to release his next album, “Sleeper” sometime this fall, his longtime manager, David Zwirner, told Billboard.

White said he’s currently in the middle of recording a new single, “I Want Your Love,” and has plans to release it in the next month or so.

But he’s not quite ready to announce the album’s release date just yet.

White said in a statement to Billboard that the album would be out “later this year,” but added that he is “still very much looking for a new album.”

White has toured with the Black Eyeds and recently joined the band on a sold-out, sold-listening tour of the U.K. that also included stops in Chicago and Nashville.

He also played with the band last summer in support of “My Way.”

White, who is in the process of selling the record, said the album is “about taking a step back and reflecting on everything that’s happened in my life.”

White said that “Skipping on a vacation is not a good idea,” according to Billboard.

The song’s title, “Tickled,” is a reference to White’s son who suffers from insomnia.

White wrote the song with his son, who’s currently a high school student.

White told Billboard that he “can’t wait” to release the new album.

The White family’s latest album is titled “I Wanna Sleep.”

White’s current tour with Black Eyes is the third tour he’s done since filing for bankruptcy.

White, who also has a successful solo career, released his latest album in July and has since toured the world.

The album sold more the first time it was released in 2014, selling more than 2.5 million copies worldwide.

White, a songwriter and performer, also released his third studio album, titled “My Song,” in 2015.

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