What does a woman do with her husband?

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about a Toronto woman who said she had found a new job as a stylist after having a husband leave her.

But now, we have a more detailed story of what that looks like.

In the video above, a woman who goes by the name of “Kathy” tells her story of being asked to work for a stylistic agency in New York City.

She says that her husband left her after they had two children.

She said that she was told that she could stay in the city.

The man said that he was happy to leave but that she needed to get a new home.

The woman said that it was the last straw, and she started looking for other work.

The next day, Kathy and her husband got together to talk about what to do about their finances.

Kathy says that she knew that her time in New England was up, and that she didn’t have enough money to support a family of four.

She told her husband that he could move to California if he wanted to, and they talked about moving to a bigger city.

He said that was okay, but he wanted her to be able to stay in New Jersey.

When Kathy was in New Hampshire, she met a man named Brian, and he said that they should stay together and he could get her a job.

Kathy was so thrilled with this idea that she told her friends.

Brian and Kathy began to live together in New Mexico.

Kathy was told by Brian that she would be working in New Zealand.

Kathy’s friends thought that this was odd because New Zealand is a British province.

Kathy said that Brian told her that he had no idea where he was going.

He also said that New Zealand would be the better place because it was closer to New York and the beach.

He was right.

Kathy and Brian moved to New Zealand in February of 2019, and Brian is still living with her in New Britain.

The woman’s story is fascinating and gives us a look into the life of a woman trying to make ends meet in New Brunswick.

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