When a baby’s name means ‘the first’

The first name of the baby’s parents will be given a new meaning when the child’s name is officially recorded at the time of birth, National Geographic reports.

The new naming convention will be the first in more than 40 years, and will make the new name a first.

A baby’s first name is usually recorded on a birth certificate.

That baby’s last name, if known, is usually listed on a death certificate.

The names of newborns have also been changed in recent years, with the new names being given to the babies born on the same day in the United States and Canada.

“The baby’s father’s name, for example, will be recorded in the baby records,” National Geographic writes.

“His last name will be listed on the death certificate, so the child is not going to have to go through the process of finding his father’s last names.”

There are some caveats to the new rules.

Names are not legally required to be written down in baby records.

The change does not apply to births and deaths.

It does apply to marriages and funerals.

And the new naming rules are only in effect for babies born in the U.S. and Canada, and not other countries.

The American Birth Defects Prevention Act of 1976 was designed to prevent birth defects from being passed on to the next generation.

But birth defects can occur even in people who are not the parents of the child.

In fact, in one study, babies born to parents with birth defects were almost three times more likely to have them in the future.

The baby’s family history can also influence the babys chances of having a birth defect, according to the National Institutes of Health.

The birth defect in question is called “polycystic ovary syndrome” or PCOS, and it can cause symptoms ranging from weight gain to infertility, according the NIH.

PCOS is a serious medical condition that can cause infertility.

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