How the Australian music industry is changing

The icing artist is a name synonymous with Australian pop music.

But what happens when it is an Australian artist?

That is the question at the heart of this week’s latest issue of Australian Financial Reviews.

In an era when the music industry has largely been out of control, the icing artist has been a thorn in the side of the major labels.

In the years after the bubble burst, the music business had to grapple with an economy that had lost the ability to create new music.

The icing artist was the catalyst for a wave of self-published music that is now being seen as the biggest growth driver of Australian music.

In 2015, the number of self published artists rose by nearly 400 per cent, with almost 70,000 people signed up in just one year.

But while the icing artists have thrived, many have also struggled.

A growing number of the artists have had to make ends meet by relying on small income streams.

For example, Aussie musician Paul Widdows had to cut his income to cover living costs after the financial crash.

“It’s tough,” he said.

“I’ve lost a lot of income because of this.”

Widdows, who also plays drums in the band Natsoul, said he was able to make a living from playing gigs.

But many artists have been left struggling with record labels.

In 2016, the record labels recorded $1.2 billion in losses, with artists and labels struggling to make money.

The industry also faced a significant increase in piracy, which was estimated to be up to $500 million a year.

The labels are trying to make up for the loss of revenue with a crackdown on illegal downloads.

In a series of actions, the government and the music sector have taken steps to address piracy, including cracking down on the sale of stolen or pirated music and enforcing laws that require internet service providers to block websites that offer pirated content.

“Piracy is a major problem and has led to significant losses for record labels, distributors and artists,” the Department of Communications and Media released a statement in November.

“Record labels are the largest payers for advertising, while music retailers, music streaming services and record labels make up the largest consumer groups for music in Australia.”

There are measures in place to help artists, distributors, record labels and retailers to reduce piracy and address copyright infringement.

“The Australian Recording Industry Association said that the government’s measures were working.”

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The actions we have taken so far have helped our music industry thrive and we are confident that the actions that are coming in the next few months will make a significant difference.”

Topics:music,music-industry,internet-technology,information-and-communication,government-and/or-politics,government,arts-and -culture,music,arts.unauthorised-downloads,government—state-issues,government_and_politics,media,internet,internet+communication,internet_policy,information,law-crime-and_justice,law,business-economics-and–markets,business,government

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